Up to 3s’ Nursery

Safe, welcoming and exciting!

Our Up to 3s’ Nursery is a wonderful environment for young babies and toddlers to explore.

The free-flow environment is divided into two areas to ensure that we meet the care needs of our youngest babies, whilst still providing that extra challenge for our most inquisitive toddlers.

Both areas are supported by highly experienced and qualified staff, who plan and engage in a wide range of stimulating and enriching activities, both inside and out, perfect for developing children’s curiosity, confidence and independence.

Getting to know you

From the very beginning, the foundations of a trusting relationship between staff, children and parents are laid. By offering a gentle transition between home and nursery, with taster sessions and a home visit for every child, getting to know each other is a gradual and very personal process.

Children are encouraged, with the support of a trusted adult to make their own decisions and choices, given the time to observe, the freedom to explore and the opportunity to strive and flourish.

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