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Our Governors 2022 to 2023

Chair of Governors and LEA Governor: Mrs Sophie Elsdon

Vice Chair of Governors: Mrs Charlotte Radford

Executive Head of Chichester of Nursery Bognor Nursery and Bounds Nursery Schools: Mrs Ruth Campbell

Co-opted Governors: Mrs Clare Blanchard (Head of School), Mrs Abigail Blumzon, Mrs Becky Edwards, Mr Simon Lloyd-Williams, Mrs Charlotte Radford Mr Andrew Strong

Parent Governor: Miss Janina Francis

Staff Governor: Mrs Kathryn Winstanley



Governor Committees and Responsibilities 2022 to 2023


 Staffing and Finance Committee


Sophie Elsdon (Chair),Clare Blanchard, Ruth Campbell, Becky Edwards and Charlotte Radford

Associate member: Claire Peach (Business Manager)



Curriculum and InclusionCommittee



Andrew Strong (Chair) Clare Blanchard and Janina Francis


 Health, Safety and Premises Committee


Sophie Elsdon (Chair), Clare Blanchard, Abigail Blumzon and Simon Lloyd Williams



Safeguarding and EYPP


Mr Andrew Strong



Mrs Becky Edwards





Mrs Sophie Elsdon


Curriculum Areas


Expressive Arts and Design

Charlotte Radford

Physical Development

Becky Edwards


Simon Lloyd Williams

Understanding the World

Abigail Blumzon

Personal Social and Emotional development

Becky Edwards

Communication, Language and Literature

Janina Francis