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Welcome to Chichester Nursery School and Up to 3s’ Nursery which offers high quality nursery education for children from 6 months to 5 years. We are passionate about putting children at the very heart of the learning experience, allowing them to follow their interests, focus and revisit experiences that interest and excite them, and to see themselves as successful learners from the very beginning of their education. Our well-resourced, free-flow environment supports the discovery of new interests and skills and, all the time, our qualified teachers and experienced staff are on hand to support, extend and challenge children’s learning.
We would really like you to come and see all this for yourself and look forward very much to showing you our school. In the meantime, click on the options at the top of the page to find out more about us.


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  • Kerry Chandler – Parent

    I always think I couldn’t love this beautiful nursery anymore than I already do….and then every day I love it a little more!  Every child’s desire to learn in different ways is always encouraged by the truly amazing staff.  I have a nursery school within a 30 second walk of my house but choose to navigate half of Chichester because I know the passion for great early education oozes from this fantastic place!!!


    “Children develop a thirst for learning. They are highly motivated to find things out, to do things for themselves and to show sustained interest and concentration in activities”


    “Children form excellent relationships with the staff that look after them. Staff are highly attentive and extremely responsive to each child’s personal needs”

  • Anne Butrynska – Parent

    “I truly believe there is no better place for a child to start out than Chichester Nursery School. The results you have produced in our child’s education and confidence have been amazing”

  • Lauren Turner – Parent

    “Keep doing what you’re doing! I have nothing but positive things to say about Chichester Nursery School. My child bounces into Nursery and bounces back out again – she loves it!”.

  • Keri Johnson – Parent

    “My child has absolutely loved being at the Nursery …. From a parent prospective there is nothing  to fault …..My child has received the best possible start and we are truly grateful – an amazing place with amazing staff”

  • Hannah Shimokawa – Parent

    “I would not hesitate to recommend the Nursery”

  • Peter Hamilton – Parent

    “So much to say about Chichester Nursery! It has been a fantastic experience for both my children”.

  • Visitor

    “It’s lovely here, you won’t be put on the spot. You will always be met with a smile.”

  • George, aged 3

    “I like running very fast outside, and riding bikes and the computers!”

  • OFSTED report Sept. 2015

    “…all children, including those who need extra support, make rapid progress in their learning and development.”

  • OFSTED report Sept. 2015

    “Children develop a real thirst for learning… highly motivated to find things out, to do things by themselves and to show sustained interest & concentration in activities.”

  • OFSTED report Sept. 2015

    “The quality of teaching is outstanding!”

  • OFSTED report Sept. 2015

    “…children benefit from exceptional support in their learning and development.”